Saturday, June 25, 2011

Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad and Paula Deen's Banana Pudding

This cucumber salad is very refreshing. Everything you need to make it is at the farmer's market right now (or in your garden if you have one). Also, I know it is rare to find this on my blog, but it is actually a healthy recipe.
Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad
2 large cucumbers
1 container of plain yogurt
5 large radishes
1 t. lemon juice
2 t. salt
3 T. fresh dill
Peel and thinly slice the cucumbers. Then put them in a strainer and let the juices drain off of them for a half hour or so. Pat dry with a paper towel. Thinly slice the radishes. In a medium sized bowl, mix the yogurt, dill, salt and lemon juice. Add in the cucumbers and radishes. Mix well. Refrigerate for several hours before serving.

I have been wanting to try this next recipe for awhile now, but I haven't had an excuse to. I normally love any Paula Deen recipe, and this is no exception.

Paula Deen's Banana Pudding
5 oz. instant French vanilla pudding
2 c. milk
can sweetened condensed milk
8 oz. cream cheese
container of cool whip
2 bags of Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookies
5 or 6 bananas
Lightly butter the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan. Lay the cookies out in a layer across the bottom. Slice the bananas and layer on the cookies. Mix the milk and the pudding. In a separate bowl, mix the cream cheese and the condensed milk. Fold in the cool whip. Fold the pudding into cream cheese mixture. Spread over the bananas. Put another layer of cookies on top. Refridgerate. Best if made a day ahead of time.

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